Blue Boy

Blue Boy is an 8 minute drama that explores the self-delusion of an illustrator who has blue ink for blood. Adam is hideaway who creates his own company from his ink etchings and family photos until an encounter with another artist.

This was the end of year project for our second year at Falmouth University, where we had to adapt a script written by another student into a short drama. This created a film working similar to a client-brief scenario where the finished short had to reflect the vision of its original creator. This made Blue Boy an interesting project to work on.

As Production Designer, it was a challenge to create the home studio set for Adam, which reflected both his character and degrading mental state. As a result, it was an enjoyable and rich project to Colour Grade as there was a variety of colours and use of lighting to explore.

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Director: Max Jedwab
Producer: Ingrid B. Holstad
Written by: George Donovan
Cinematography: Luca Parasiliti
Sound Design and Recording: James Chatwin and Claire Stevens
Editor, Colour Grading, Head of Production Design: Jake Martin Graves
Additional Production Design: Talia Holden and Jess Russell
Prosthetics supplied by Gorton Studios


Pixelate Film Festival 2015
Best Narrative and joint Film of the Year
Nominated Best Narrative
Nominated Production of the Year
Nominee for Best Actor Daniel Richards