Can You See Me

Can You See Me was our group’s entry for the annual 100 Hour Film Racing competition in New York. The challenge is to create a five-minute film that involves a specific theme, an action and a prop which are revealed at the start of the 100 hours. For 2014, the theme was secrets, the action was sleeping and the prop a can of whipped cream.

Our entry follows the story of a blind man and his new carer, who doesn’t admit she is actually just a teenager without any experience.

Can You See Me was awarded Second Place in the competition, with Best Writer with the lead Tanya Violet being nominated for Best Actress.


Producer: Zala Opara
Director: Zuzana Mariankova
Cinematography: William Fielding and Zuzana Mariankova
Editor: Jake Martin Graves
Sound Editor: Arthur Cunnington
Sound: Luke Tomlinson, Tom Bolton and Arthur Cunington
Additional Editor: Zuzana Mariankova
Titles: Ben Kersey
Lighting: Jacob Glasby
Illustration: Jenny Sjodin
Actor: Steven Kelly
Actress: Tanya Violet
Extras: Tom Bolton, Luke Tomilson
Script: Terry Kitto, Zuzana Mariankova and Arthur Cunnington, Froshie Evans
Script concept: Zuzana Mariankova, Terry Kitto, Froshie Evans, Jacob Glasby, Arthur Cunnington, William Fielding and Danny Marie Elias


2014 100 Hour Film Racing
Second Place
Best Writer
Best Actress Nominee