Saudade Es Extranjero

Saudade Es Extranjero is a short 15-minute ‘ethnographic’ documentary that explores the impacts of adopting new languages and cultures. The film follows Camilo Sanchez, a Columbian graduate who has travelled to Britain and Brazil over the past few years. Centred around an intimate stream of consciousness, Camilo invites us to learn about his experiences.

The title of the film reflects this as is a combination of Spanish and Portuguese. Saudade is Portuguese and means the sentiment or nostalgia for a place. Extranjero is Spanish and is used because it can interchangeably mean ‘abroad’ and ‘foreigner’. This project initially began as a pitched script-treatment while studying ‘Transnational Cinema’ at Falmouth University. The documents for these can be found at the bottom of the page. Initial research and filming began in 2014 and the short should be completed Winter 2015.


Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Colour Grading: Jake Martin Graves
Cinematographer: Daniel Griffin
Interviewee: Camilo Sanchez
Sound Recorder: James Chatwin
Location Manager: Zala Opera
Translation and Subtitles: Jamila Wincott, Camilo Sanchez, Stephanie Wincott

Special Thanks to Digital Peninsula Network, Penzance and The Royal Cornwall Museum

Reflective Essay for Saudade es Extranjero/Nostalgia is Abroad: Multilingualism, Multivocality and Diasporic Latin American Identity in the Globalised World.


Saudade es Extranjero/Nostalgia is Abroad: Multilingualism, Multivocality and Diasporic Latin American Identity in the Globalised World.