The Cloud Catcher

The Cloud Catcher is a short fairytale film that follows a young deaf girl named Sula, on her adventure to prove that the sun, moon and stars still exist.

This is one of my end of degree short dramas in my BA at Falmouth University. Sula, 11, is deaf and mute. She lives on an island in a place called The Clouded Hemisphere – no one here has ever seen the sky behind the clouds – not the sun, the moon or the stars in the night sky. Wanting to prove that it does exist, Sula goes on a journey to catch the clouds and find the sky.

We are excited to say our Kickstarter has recently gone live for our crowd funding campaign to help fund our production, which will be in Spring 2016. 

We are looking to raise around £1700.

Please click on this link:


The video, which we made as a group, sums up all our plans.


Producer: Edel Fowell
Director: Hannah ‘Lou’ French
Cinematographer: Andrew Claude Neil
Sound Designer: Michael Tibbins
Editor and Colour Grading: Jake Martin Graves