My first blog post starts with some good news. An article, written by Conan Coastworth and myself of Falmouth University, has been published in the Alphahville Journal, Ireland. This is a great journal that explores cinema and everything about it; we are both humble and grateful they enjoyed our report. 

The paper was an event report of when we both represented our film school at Falmouth University at the BAFTA Film Craft Sessions back in January. This is an annual event held the day before the televised award ceremony. During the day, each of the nominees had discussions in panel talks that went on for hours, which was their opportunity to talk in depth about their features instead of just the 30 second speeches during the awards. This lead to several fascinating talks where the nominees for Best Editing, VFX and Production Design all shared their insight and experiences. 

As it was a professional event and not a student masterclass, we attended the panels and observed all of the discussions. We discuss our personal highlights in the paper, which include the insightful talks with Tom Cross, the BAFTA and Oscar award winner for Editing on Whiplash, as well as an interview with cinematographer Robert Yeoman.

It was a very humble experience listening to these experts openly talk about their experiences on all of the nominated features of the past year. As undergraduate film students repping our school, we both came away with useful advice that we have both used in our practical work. Notably, the insight given by Tom Cross about his personal collaboration with scriptwriters directly fed into my work on our short drama Blue Boy. 


The report can be found here on the Alphaville Journal website in Issue 09: